Pentland Edge is an embedded software design consultancy using agile software development practices to bring new products and technologies to market quickly


Pentland Edge undertakes contract software design work for clients ranging from start-ups to multinational companies. Our strength is in understanding new technologies and techniques, and helping clients to deploy these in their products.


Pentland Edge has been involved in a broad range of projects. Many clients have used our developers to create the 'brains' of the application – the algorithms and control aspects of embedded systems.

Latest blog / HawkDB: Stanag 4607 Data Indexing and Metadata Search

We are pleased to announce the availability of our HawkDB Stanag 4607 indexing and search tool.This allows users to search recorded MTI (moving target indication) data by location, area, date and time. It integrates with our Hawkstream Viewer and supports natural language search queries. It also provides a web API (Application Programming Interface) to allow third party applications to run queries and retrieve data. HawkDB can be configured to manage the storage and retrieval of data files, or can be run as a service on top of an existing file store. Stanag 4607 is a NATO standard for sharing radar […]